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Silverware by Leonardo Gaito


Silver cutlery by Leonardo Gaito

Table silverware

Among the furnishings of a refined table, for special occasions as for family meals, cutlery is undoubtedly the most characteristic element of a classy set.

The cutlery made by Gaito, according to the requests, is available in 800 or 925 silver. Complete services, but also simply the fish or dessert cutlery, or a set of ice cream spoons are the indispensable element of an accurate equipment , but at the same time they can become a precious and not necessarily binding gift for young couples, or to give a touch of elegance to a beautiful table in a new home.

The shapes of the handle, the rounded and essential line, geometric, of "English style", or with a border in the shape of a nineteenth-century memory, constitute many valuable variations.

Silver candelabra by Leonardo Gaito

Furnishing silverware

Since the beginning of its activity, the Gaito Company has met the taste of its refined clientele with furnishings, tableware and a wide selection of silver furnishings, which have constituted a set of valuable objects for many families, not only Neapolitan.

The elegance of the lines is combined with a skilful workmanship, which also makes use of ancient techniques such as fusion and chisel finishing, to give life to objects that are handed down from one generation to another and retain their charm over the years. time.